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How to Change to a Fantastic Career in Real Estate | Plan Eleven

How to Change to a Fantastic Career in Real Estate

What Role Do I Want in Real Estate?

The first thing to ask yourself when considering a change of career to real estate is to find out whether it is the right career for you. This self-examination is very vital since it gives you the strength to face all the challenges associated in the process of changing careers and settling into the new career. However, after being certain that it is the right path to take, a lot of dedication is required to be successful in the industry.

There are many roles in the real estate field apart from just selling houses. The next thing is to find out what you love doing and take a corresponding role that will ensure that you work in a docket that you are passionate about. For example, if you enjoy being a team player, be sure to start as a property manager. If you have a thing in making credible negotiations and sealing deals start out as a real estate sales executive. Making a customer happy is a tough job but it could be your passion. If that is the case, begin your real estate career as a seller’s agent. An auctioneer is always in the spotlight which could be the area in which you thrive, go ahead and start your new career journey as one.

Real Estate Agent

The bottom line is; you do not have to just sell houses to thrive in the real estate career. Identify your strength and your passion and channel them in the best suitable docket among many in the industry to become a successful realtor.

Do I Need to Take a Real Estate Course?

To begin a career as a realtor and a qualified one for that matter, you must take a course in real estate. However, this differs from state to state and you must consult your state’s Real Estate Department to find out which courses to take. Once you are certain of the courses to be taken, you can choose to enroll at any of the real estate universities, realty firms or technical schools offering the course programs. You can also decide to do your studies online, home-study or get in a live classroom. Pre-licensing education is not easy, but to fast track real estate licence course, enrolling in a reputable training centre which has an RTO number will make things easier since you will have highly qualified instructors taking you through the course.

After training, qualifying, getting the necessary certifications and pocketing your real estate license, then you will go through the second phase of training. But this time round an informal one is commonly known as “street training” especially in the first year of your career which gives you the experience that defines your successful journey in the real estate industry or business.

Some real estate agencies might require specified academic qualifications. If you happen to get employed by one of them, you might find yourself back in the classroom if you do not meet their academic qualifications.

How Do I Get My Real Estate Licence?

Once you have passed your pre-licensing course, you will take then take a state exam. As done previously, you must check with your state’s Real Estate Department to get the right exam since the exams vary from state to state. At this point, you should also find out your real estate state exam testing center.

From the confirmed testing center, you will get more information on the delivery of the exam, registration, date and time in which you will take your exam. If it is the requirement of your state, sign an affidavit to show that you are eligible to take the exam. You need to pass the state and the national sections of the exam to qualify for a license. After passing, all you will need to do is to pay a given fee and receive your brand new license. In some states, you will be required to renew your license after a given period of time and also go for extra training or refresher courses.

Other qualifications that you must have before getting your real estate license may vary from state to state as well. You must be at least 18 years of age or over and you must also pass the required training courses to qualify for a real estate license.

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